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Payment and prices

(Not available: Pyhäjoki Multipurpose Building "Monitoimitalo" or "Monikkari" is demolished. A new sports hall is under construction and is scheduled to open in early 2023. We will inform you more about the new sports hall later. The new sports hall is located in connection with Saari School at Koulutie 7.)

Ollinmäki's Gym

The Ollinmäki's Gym's electronic passage surveillance and cash register functions have been centralized to the municipality hall info desk. It's open during business days at 9-11 and 12-15.
During other times, contact our Leisure Activity Instructor. We answer phone calls, messages and emails during duty time.

You can use the gym by claiming a pass badge and by paying according to the season by the instructions. A person who has borrowed a shift pass badge for electronic passage surveillance from the City Hall's information counter - please, remember to return the token to the counter, when you don't need it any more. 

The gym is open on Mon-Sun at 5:00-22:00 in address Kalliokaari 8, Hall 1 - except during cleaning hour on Tuesday and Friday 12:00-13:00. During other times passing will trigger the alarm!


Pass badge 20 € (The money is returned, when you give the badge back.) If you have paid 10 € for the pass badge, please visit municipality hall's information desk with it.

Usage of the pass badge:

  • One time payment / 4 €
  • 1 month / 15 €
  • 2 months / 28 €
  • 3 months / 40 €
  • 4 months / 50 €
  • 5 months / 60 €
  • 6 months / 70 €

Unemployed, students and pensioners at half price. Youth (under 16-years) for free. See also Senior Pass.

A season pass is personal and signed, it's expiring date is counted from the day of purchase. The pass tokens expiring date will be updated for a receipt at the municipality hall's information desk or at the Leisure Activity Office. Users sign their visit at the gym into the notebook at the gym for statistics. 

Payment Instructions

Option 1. In online bank service:

  Choose new payment, reading a virtual barcode and copy this virtual barcode to the field:                               405538117200034130000350000000000000000202073110220413                                                Change due date and (when needed) amount to be paid.

Option 2. In online bank service:

   1) Fill in:

             Receiver: The municipality of Pyhäjoki
             To account: FI05 5381 1720 0034 13 OKOYFIHH                                                                                               Reference no.: 2020 73110

   2) Pay the desired activity time according to the pricing table
       (+ token deposit at first time)

Option 3. Pay by Smartum application, in which the target is ”Kulttuuri- ja vapaa-aikatoimi, Pyhäjoki”

Send a message to info [at] pyhajoki.fi or call Tel. +358 40 359 6000

  • Announce the date, when you want the token to come into effect.
  • the amount of months that you paid for
  • your name and phone number
  • Attach a payment receipt.

Option 4. Pay by bankcard, credit card, in cash or by Smartum, ePassi or Edenred at Municipality hall's Information desk.


Prepare for a few days of processing time. During holidays we don't activate tokens, so anticipate the renewal of a token in advance.
A token can be renewed in advance. The renewed use time will step into effect once the old one has expired (or later, if you want). Renewing can be done by sending a receipt of a payment to info [at] pyhajoki.fi or by visiting the Information desk and paying there.

Ice Swimming Fee

The key to the locker room at the ice swimming spot can be obtained from the town hall's Info Desk. You can pay the annual fee of € 20 for the key in several ways:

- At Info Desk in cash or by card when applying for a key, or 

- To the municipality of Pyhäjoki's account FI05 5381 1720 0034 13, message: Avantouinti (Ice Swimming Fee) or

- With a bill (usually in January); You provide billing information when you retrieve the key.

Yppäri School's Gym

Yppäri School's Gym pass badges are available for June 2022 from Leisure Activity Instructor. After getting the Yppäri's badge you may reserve in Julius -Reservation Calendar.

Not available: Sport hall block shifts

To reserve a block at the Sports Hall, sign in to the online reservation system Julius.
Checking free times and booking shifts is easy through Julius-Reservation Calendar

Contact info [at] pyhajoki.fi (Info), vapaa-aikatoimi [at] pyhajoki.fi (Leisure Activity Office) or the juho.lankila [at] pyhajoki.fi (ICT-Specialist) upon issues with the Reservation Calendar.

Section Pricing

  • 1 block 6 € / hour
  • all 3 blocks 15 € / hour
  • juniors enter with half price

Querying for Regular Shifts

School year's regular shifts are available for applications during summer and granted shifts are available from the beginning of September.
We will inform about application times. When querying a regular shifts with the Julius- booking system, be sure to put "save as application" at the end.