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Satelliitti - Detective Youth Work

Satelliitti - Detective Youth Work searches for and directs education, work-life or the youth from Pyhäjoki aged 15-29 public services that are outside of the public services he/she would be eligible for.

For who?

  • For youth, who don't have a school place or a profession.
  • For youth, whose studies are in danger of being interrupted.
  • For youth, who are searching for their profession.
  • For youth, who are not clients of any service.

What does it do?

  • Finds the target group's youth.
  • The service starts with the needs of the youth.
  • Offers 1-on-1 directing, where is made a personal future plan together with the youth.
  • Helps with finding a study-, internship- or workplace.
  • Gives information on the services that would help the youth in their own life's situation and directs them to the services.
  • Gives support for life management.


If you know youth fitting for the target group or if you yourself experience this activity to fit you, contact a Detective Youth Worker.