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Online Reservation Calendar

The shift reservations of the exercise places and areas are made into the online reservation calendar Julius. You can also make a reservation for fitness advice if you have a referral from healthcare personnel.

Reservation of Recreation and Leisure Activity places

Athletics Track & Field and Tennis Courts as well as Association cottage and Fitness Advisor: The users of the reservations system, must first register into the system and provide their contact and billing information.

Electronic Julius-Reservation Calendar

New User:

  • Create a username by clicking Register
  • Fill the areas marked with a star carefully, after submitting the information will go to the billing system.
    Name of the client: Name of the association or the name of the private client (will be shown publically in the calendar)
    Point of contact: Name and information only seen by the administration.
  • Set yourself a username and a password, using which you will gain access to the service in the future.
  • Click Register.

Log In to the system from the top right of the screen by clicking Log In.

You can also reserve a shift by directly choosing a free time from the calendar.

  • e.g. click from the calendar Sections
  • Choose a time by clicking 17:00
  • Log In to the system with the credentials you have created, the field with the star (name of the client) will be shown public on the calendar with the reservation.

On Reservation Times mark the Places and the reservations beginning and ending times.

  • Regular Shifts Tab: Weekly or every second-week repeating reservations.
  • Singular Reservation Tab: Singular, one time reservations
  • Lastly, click Add.

Now you can see the confirmation, is the shift reservable. Save the reservation from below, if the information is correct.

  • A summary of the reservation will open on your screen.
  • Click Save Reservation and your reservation will be saved into the system.
  • You can change your reservation later by logging into the service.
  • You will receive a confirmation email of the reservation.

A person who has reserved a shift or a user of the gym claims a pass badge for electronic passage surveillance. More information about badges, sport hall and prices from here.


In need of help, contact

vapaa-aikatoimi [at] (Leisure Activity Office)
Tel. +358 40 359 6104 or +358 40 359 6107 / vapaa-aika [at]

juho.lankila [at] (ICT-Specialist) Tel. +358 40 359 6005