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Annala Homestead Museum

There are 22 structures in the Annala Homestead Museum area, in which can be found near 8 000 items. The most important task of the museum is to represent the countryside life before tractors took over.

Annala is open 14.6. - 14.8.2022 Tue-Fri at 12-18, Sat-Sun at 12-16. On Mondays closed  

Groups can reserve a tour outside of the opening times as well. The museum has free entrance.

Annala's Buildings

1. New Main Building (1867)

Reconstructed in the 1960s, the rustic hut and two chambers are often used to keep events. Upstairs is a war-time chamber and women's handicraft tools. This building also has a heated showroom, bathroom, kitchen and the museum office.

2. Old Main Building (beginning 1800s)

The building's lower floor has been restored to correspond to the house's early times. Set in the building are, for example, Anna Luoto's midwife tools, Emma Makkonen's hats, cobbler's workshop, pharmacy compartment, electricity compartment and fishing equipment.

3. Log Buildings (v. 1873)

The four and three room buildings have, for example, holes, carpenter's tools, items for washing clothes and means of transport.

4. Shed (beginning 1900s)

5. Windmill (1812)

Annala's windmill is a so-called 'post mill', which has been brought from Etelänkylä Rööning in 1963.

6. Drying Barn (1908)

The drying barn in the area is a so-called 'lonely drying barn', where the drying and threshing happens in the same room.

7. Mehto Cottage (n. 1860)

Mehto's Cottage, a soldier's croft is a former file soldier's housing, in which has lived a 9 person family and in the hallway has been kept the house's only cow. The building was moved from Pirttikoski in 1965.

8. Storehouse, 4 pieces (1700, 1828, 1850, 1868)

The storehouses contain, for example, a village shop from the time of a recession, a prison and items related to the processing of milk.

9. Niittypirtti (end of 1800s)

Niittypirtti (a meadow hut) was used when making hay for overnight stays and eating. The building was moved from Tervaneva in 1973.

10. Haybarn

11. Boatshed (1928)

In the boatshed, you'll see items related to fishing: a 'pauhavene' built in Pyhäjoki in the 1920s, which has been used in sea fishing until 1955, fish-things, nets, fishing and preservation equipment. The building was moved from Liminkakylä in 1985.

12. Smoke Sauna (beginning of 1900s)

The traditional Smoke Sauna has been moved from Kirkonkylä in 1970.

13. Smithy (1850s)

In the smithy, there's landsmith's equipment. The smithy was moved from Pirttikoski in 1974.

14. Fish Cabin (1921)

The fish cabin has been used for overnight stays at the ocean beach and eating during fishing trips. The fish cabin has been in community use. The building was moved from Parhalahti's Musta in 1987.

15. Elosuoja (v. 1935)

Into the 'elosuoja' has been put a wide colelction of horse pulled equipment and carriages. The building was moved from Pirttikoski in 1987.

16. Summer Barn (1913)

In the barn there are e.g. tractors and hay harvesting and lumbering equipment.

17. Sauna (1950s)

18. Juuri Cottage (1920-luvulta)

Into the cottage has been put a 1920s movie machine. The two room cottage has been moved from Etelänkylä in 1994.

19. Ring Bridge (1921, reconstruction)

The Kuusiniemi ring bridge leading over Pyhäjoki in Pirttikoski was moved to Annala in 1976. The bridge was deconstructed during fall's and was rebuild in spring's right after the ice melted. Many of the town's people always took part in deconstruction and reconstruction of the bridge.

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Annala Museum

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