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Heron money

The Municipality of Pyhäjoki pays so called Heron money during the year 2023 according to the following guidelines:

The amount of Heron money is thousand euros (1000 €) per child.

The Heron money is considered tax free income and it will be paid to the bank account of the caregiver of the child.

The requirements for granting Heron money are:
 - the child is born during the year 2023
 - the child and the caregivers are official residents of Pyhäjoki Municipality in 2023
 - within a year if the child has been adopted to a so-called foreign family
 - however, no Heron money will be paid for children adopted within the family or for people adopted as adults
 - the money will be paid based on an application, which includes the ID of the child

You can find the application form for Heron money below. The application must be signed and brought to the Municipal Hall (Kuntatie 1).