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In Pyhäjoki Library you can read magazines, borrow books or just spend your time. Pyhäjoki Library has a selection of books in different languages. In the library, you also have access to hundreds of e-magazines in different languages. Little Free Library (Kaappikirjasto in Finnish, Уличная библиотека in Russian) in front of the municipal hall lends out reading material in different languages.

In the library, there are various concerts, plays, puppet shows, storytelling, lectures and exhibitions.

Using library is always free!

Head of Library and Cultural Services, +358 40 359 6172, heikki.lahnaoja [at] pyhajoki.fi (Finnish, English).


Pyhäjoki Library

Adress: Ruukintie 1, 86100 Pyhäjoki

Email: kirjasto [at] pyhajoki.fi


Service info desk: +358 40 359 6171

Librarians: +358 40 359 6172

Chief Librarian heikki.lahnaoja [at] pyhajoki.fi (Heikki Lahnaoja), +358 40 359 6170

Pirttikoski Library

Situated at the Pirttikoski School: Pirttikoskentie 585, Pirttikoski