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Guidance and counselling available

Welcome to Pyhäjoki! project worker was available in Kuntatie 1, 86100 Pyhäjoki (1st floor)

Wednesdays at 9.30-12AM and in Multiuse-space Monela (Kokkolantie 53) on Thursdays at 13-16


Other times, make an appointment:
Tanja Ryymin or Katinka Käyhkö

Project´s Facebook page is now closed.  

Project´s Twitter account is now closed.

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Guidance and counselling

The Welcome to Pyhäjoki! project also provided personal and group guidance

A) to adults and families in the following situations, for example:
- looking for a job, hobby or study place
- use of various social services (such as the employment office)

B) to associations and companies
- developing activities or services, internationalisation and marketing
- recruiting and employment questions
- trainings for personnel and volunteers
- project applications, etc.

Currently you can check Pyhäjoki´s Info Finland pages or contact Pyhäjoki Municipality´s Info Desk for further advice in matters related to Pyhäjoki.

Jobseekers, please contact the Local government pilot on employment in Raahe region.

In questions related to businesses the personnel of Raahe Region Development is at your service.