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Project Manager Katinka Käyhkö 

Project Coordinator Tanja Ryymin 

Visiting address: Kuntatie 1, 86100 Pyhäjoki (1st floor)

Project´s Facebook page is now closed.  

Project´s Twitter account is now closed.

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Events and training

Events, training sessions and study trips

Kuva Syyään yhesä! -tapahtumasta 2019

The Welcome to Pyhäjoki! Project organised a variety of events for the whole family together with different partners and collaborated with events already established in Pyhäjoki. The Project´s events were open to all living and working in the Municipality, regardless their mother tongue or the length of their stay. The events were also marketed in several languages. 

The opening event of the project, “Syyään yhesä!” (Let’s eat together!) on 5 September 2019, was a great example of a food culture event. Events involving music, dance, customs and party culture were also organised as well as events that brought together companies offering work and professionals looking for new jobs.

Training events and workshops related to the project addressed topics such as acknowledging new member and customer groups as well as themes related to multidimensionality and intercultural communication. There were also open chats with experience experts and workshops with different themes.

The project also enabled thematic study trips into nature. The themes listed in the project plan included, for example, the right of public access, berry and mushroom picking, fishing, hunting and outdoor exercise and hiking in winter, but we did go bird-watching and got to know wild herbs, too. Associations in Pyhäjoki and experts of each theme are responsible for the practical arrangement of the study trips.


Upcoming events, training sessions and study trips: 
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There will no upcoming events organized by this project. For current events, please follow e.g. the Facebook Page of Visit Pyhäjoki. You can also ask to be included to the Pyhäjoki-Пюхяйоки Whats App group by contacting the Pyhäjoki Municipality Info desk.

You can get information about the past events by scrolling our FB pages, Twitter account or the  Newsletter Archive.

Previous events, training sessions and study trips (mainly in Finnish):