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Fitness Boxes

In the area of Pyhäjoki are located Fitness Boxes, in which are notebooks where everyone can write down their own exercise performance. Into these notebooks are written down the date, name and the exercise done (walking, running, cycling, skiing, roller skating, etc.). All notebooks are changed to new ones as needed.

Because the notebooks get filled up in different paces, the filling and the need of the change of them can be reported to the Leisure Activity Office or the Municipality Office's Advisory. The exerciser can also take the full notebook and bring it to the Municipality Office. When a full notebook is brought to the Office, a new notebook is given straight away, which can be brought to the Fitness Box.

Seuraava kuntolaatikkoarvonta järjestetään tammikuussa 2020. Voittajalle luvassa kävelysauvat ja muita liikunnallisia tavarapalkintoja!

The next Fitness Box lottery will be done in January 2020. The winners will receive Nordic walking poles.

The Fitness Boxes are located by villages as follows:

Etelänkylä: Rautiperä Skiing Cottage, Hole in the Ice in Rautiperä, Southern side of Pyhäjoki at the riverbank as well as at the intersection of Alapääntie and Pyhäluodontie.

Kirkonkylä: Annalankangas Fitness Track, Northern side of Pyhäjoki at the river bank at the Siikaniva Houses, at the island's bank on Tiiron mutka and along the cycling road leading to Parhalahti.

Liminkakylä: At the intersection of Pirttikoskentie and Vihannintie, At Kopisto at the intersection of Vaihojantie and Vihannintie and at Liminganoja Nuorisoseura bus stop.

Parhalahti: Along the cycling road that leads to Kirkonkylä, on the library wall and at the harbor.

Pirttikoski: At the intersection of Pirttikoskentie and Pyyntie at the bus stop. At the Moose Lodging in Ylisenoja where the Moose Men are. At the northern side bank of Pyhäjoki where Puttas is and at Oravisjärvi at the intersection of Vaihojantie and at Kupuliskoski cottage's road's parting.

Viirre: At the intersection of the road of Rajaniemi.

Yppäri: Pörkkä's lean-to, near the old Osuuspankki at the intersection. Grekulanperän swimming pit and along Viirretjärventie.