Pyhäjoki offers many culture, leisure and sport activities

The cultural life of Pyhäjoki is varied. The local Annala Museum is famous in Northern Finland for its collection of 22 buildings and over 8000 peasant items from bygone days. It is far more than just a museum. Various events are arranged there during the summer.

Culture sites

Pyhäjoki is also famous for its magnificent river and sea-shore scenery. The River Pyhäjoki is one of the southern most salmon rivers in Finland, and it is worth while visiting it for the pike fishing competition each summer. This is the largest fishing event in the area. The river also offers excellent facilities for canoeing.

For indoors activities

For winter activities

  • Ski Centre and Ski Cabin, winter ice swimming, ski tracks 1-5 kilometres, cabin, two saunas, Hiihtomajantie 94

For summer outdoors activities

  • Boating and canoeing
  • Fishing
  • Nature walks
  • Rapids on the river (Helaakoski, Hourunkoski, Kupuliskoski, Ruukinkoski)
  • Sport field, Ruukintie 37
  • Swimming, Pyhäluodontie 144